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In an era of digital nomads and remote work opportunities, the idea that you can make a living while running your own blog is no longer just wishful thinking. In fact, as time goes by, this form of work is becoming more profitable and desirable for people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you just want to make some money on the side, earn extra cash for your next vacation, or you want to turn your hobby into a meaningful career – blogging can be all of that and so much more.

For newbies among you, and those who are still having second thoughts, worry not, you’re not alone. Ever heard of Pete Cashmore? The man started his blog Mashable from home, and today, it brings him a $2,000,000 income every month. While you don’t necessarily have to have the same drive and ambition as his world-renowned blog, it still serves as a shining example of a brilliant blogging career, and as your inspiration to move forward with your dream.

The world’s your office

Unlike a traditional, office-bound job, where you need to take a vacation whenever you want to travel, blogging offers a continuous stream of income no matter where you are. If you combine blogging with a regular job, it can serve as a great way to supplement your current salary and make your vacation all the more enjoyable – and remember that travel blogs are a huge hit, so all of your travel experiences will make it all the more popular and give it more potential to grow.

Even if you wish to pursue blogging as your sole professional path, the beauty of this job is that all you need is a reliable laptop and a strong Internet connection. Just imagine working from a patisserie in Paris, a brunch spot in Melbourne, or a hotel balcony on an exotic island. No matter where you go, you can take your work with you, and precisely because of all the moving around, you’ll likely stop thinking about it as work altogether.

Mix and match other jobs

In all fairness, it takes time to build a reputation as a blogger and an online persona, and expecting your blog to instantly provide some form of profit wouldn’t be realistic. It takes time, dedication, and especially if you want to be financially independent, it takes pairing it with other jobs that provide steady income. However, since you cannot blog during work hours, you need a dedicated work area at home where you can take your time to be creative and develop your blogging voice.

Ideally, you could turn an entire room into a work area, or at least a portion of a well-lit space where you can have all your blogging equipment, free of distractions. Since this endeavor often takes a hefty investment, you can look into personal loans and apply for something that you can repay worry-free and that suits your current business needs. That way, you won’t tap into your own savings and slowly pay off your investment as you build your blogosphere.

There are numerous earning options

It all depends on your own preferences and other lifestyle choices. If you’re already on the road to becoming a social media influencer and you have quite a vast online audience, then your blog can be a source of very useful reviews – and brands will be eager to collaborate with you by sending you their products, for promotional purposes, but also so that you can establish a genuine relationship with those in whom you truly believe.

On the other hand, you can make money from affiliate links in your blogs, promoting affiliate products, offer ad space on your blog for relevant brands, offer online workshops and lectures, or write an e-book and similar digital content you can sell. Blogging comes with a wide range of earning options, so you can combine several of them or choose a main one and stick with it if it suits you best.

Endless networking opportunities

Meeting new people is not reserved only for conferences and various events that are focused on a single industry. Of course, even as a blogger, you’ll get plenty of invitations to many world-wide events that are relevant to your field of work, whether you specialize in beauty blogging, marketing, or teaching online courses. These, however, are far from the only ways to meet new people when you become a blogger.

There will always be new, interesting people commenting on your blog posts, as well as on your social media posts related to your blog, with whom you can get in touch further. You’ll receive offers for guest posts on your website, and you can reach out to fellow bloggers with the same idea – that way, you’ll become a member of a community, and not a lonesome writer in an already oversaturated world. Finally, meeting new people in the digital world opens many doors in terms of new collaboration, making a difference, empowering people, and growing your blog’s audience, which will also grow its earning potential.

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