White Gold the Contemporary Choice in Engagement Rings

A ring has no beginning and no end making it the ultimate symbol of love that lasts forever. Today, yellow gold engagement rings are not the only choices available to couples as a symbol of commitment and love.

The new kid on the block is definitely white gold engagement rings that are soft, versatile and modern. Before you begin your search at white gold engagement ring stores in Birmingham, here are few pointers to look out for to help you choose the best ring for your money.

What is White Gold?

The color of gold is yellow but when two metals are combined white gold is produced. White gold may look like silver but is even more brilliant. The metals used to make white gold are nickel, palladium or silver. Since gold needs a coating to become durable rhodium is added in the case of white gold. Not only does rhodium protect gold but also adds a reflective quality to it. White gold engagement rings in Birmingham provide rhodium re-colorings at request. Popular white gold rings are either plain or set with diamonds or moissanite stone. Clear moissanite stones make for the perfect ring in terms of sparkle and cost.

Advantages of White Gold

The biggest advantage of white gold is that it resembles platinum but costs much less. The money that has been saved on buying a white gold ring can be used to add diamonds or stones to the ring. Diamonds really stand out when used in white gold jewelry. To garner more attention towards your ring white gold engagement ring sellers in Birmingham offer prong settings of all types. White gold rings are versatile and match any piece of jewelry and clothing.

White Gold versus Yellow Gold

So what edge does white gold have over yellow gold? The former is definitely more durable because of the alloys mixed. It doesn’t get scratched or dented as easily which is definitely a plus if your fiancés quite active. It looks identical to platinum giving it a very expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Regularly getting it dipped in rhodium at white gold engagement ring stores in Birmingham will retain the brilliance and sparkle of the ring. Finally white gold suits all complexions and does not appear too bling.

White gold Engagements rings are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ and they will definitely make your partner feel and look even more beautiful.

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