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A plum cake is a type of fruitcake that is made with various types of fruits, some of which are candied, some fruits are dried, some fruits are made into a jam or jelly along with various dry fruits and nuts. Plum cakes can be found in different varieties all across the world. Various countries have their own unique twist on plum cakes and have their own different version of a plum cake. Several plum cakes around the world and even in India use alcohol such as rum, brandy, even wine and others in the cake batter. You can easily order cake online in Dwarka Delhi and also find a variety of cute plum cakes decorated beautifully.

Plum Cake

Plum cakes are best suited for the winter season and for festivals and ceremonies such as Christmas, New Years’, wedding ceremonies and more. A Christmas celebration is definitely incomplete and missing out on an integral part without a good plum cake. Since this particular type of cake is especially for the winter season, this is the reason as to why alcohol such as Wine, Rum and Brandy are used, since these alcohol types provide warmth to the body and eating a plum cake heats up your body faster and ensures you do not feel cold and are comfortable and cozy. As soon as the winter season arrives and the amazing and most cherished festival of Christmas approaches nearer, you can see the markets and all the cake shops flooded with plum cakes in various sizes and with cute and adorable little Christmas decorations. You can find cute little Santa Claus faces, a Christmas tree, gift boxes, candy cane, bells and other decorations, stars, cherries, flower wreaths and many others on the plum cakes.

The fruits and dry-fruits used in a plum cake are usually grapes, black currents, raisins, prunes, and cherries. All these fruits are either treated in a sugar caramelized syrup and candied, some of them are just dried for at least a couple of months, and some are drenched in either rum, brandy or wine. The texture of the plum cake is usually similar to that of a brownie, it has a slightly thicker crust around the cake but the inside of the cake is still very soft but not as soft as compared to a regular birthday cake. All plum cakes usually contain eggs and it is quite difficult to find an eggless plum cake. This is because eggs are the main ingredient that gives shape, structure and a good rise to the plum cakes without which they will be flat and will crumble down. Since candied and dried fruits are used to make plum cakes, the cake has a lot of added preservatives which is the reason for its long lasting shelf life. A plum cake after it is baked and packed is still in perfect taste, texture, color and aroma after even 3-4 months and does not go bad for a long long time.

Plum cake is basically a fruit cake but has a longer shelf life as compared to other cakes that have a lot of cream. The taste is not as sweet as compared to other cream-based cakes since the candied fruits and the dried fruits and the alcohol added to the cakes makes the cake a little sour and a bit bitter. It sure has some sweetness but not as much. If you are a person who does not like to eat sweet flavored food items, then a plum cake is the perfect choice for you. You can easily order cake online at CakenGifts

Since the winter season is already here and Christmas is right around the corner, get ready to binge on plum cakes and enjoy the warmth and comfort and of course the deliciousness. A slice of plum cake tastes best when served with a piping hot mug of tea or coffee. Merry Christmas and Happy binging on a Plum Cake!