Normal AC Inverter AC And Its Difference
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Technology has changed the way we live and has definitely has had an impact on our lifestyle. With the rise in global warming issues and increase in humidity the invention of air conditioners in our home and work space, became a necessity eventually. Now every second home has an air conditioner, at least in one room of their living area. The same applies with business and high-end corporate or any organization, having an air conditioner helped. This is because no organization would want their employees to work in sweat and in-convenience. Having an air-conditioner helps the co-workers in a work space feel good about the cool that is generated out of it. But there is so much air -conditioners that we are still unaware of. There are also different kinds of air-conditioners that help save us money and conserve our electricity too, so it’s important to know how which kind of air-conditioners will help us. In the recent times, most of the consumers hear and get advertised information about the inverter air conditioners but everyone is given the right knowledge about the major difference about the normal AC and the inverter AC. The rising levy on electricity has built the consumption that owning an air conditioner will eventually cause a double hit on the electricity bill that the user has to pay. Hence, users always show interest in purchasing an air conditioners only it delivers extreme and commendable cooling performance whilst saving on the electricity bill.

Most often user are always in a dicey situation and seem to be very skeptical when it comes to buying an AC due to the range of versatile options it has to offer in the market. There are only two major advanced technologies that a user can choose from i.e the inverter AC and the normal AC. The truth is both these systems have similar features to offer to the multiple users just that they are different in terminologies and there is a difference in the type of compressor motor they host. Lets understand the difference between the two to know how and where which air conditioner is applicable as per preference and likeliness.

What is simple air conditioner and how does it work?
An air conditioner is a system that provides cool air to keep the respective room, regardless the weather. Especially during the season of hot summer days, the use of an air conditioner helps to deal with the humidity and bad heated temperatures outside. The fun fact is, an air conditioner and a refrigerator basically work in a similar manner. The only difference is that, the refrigerator keeps a small insulated space cool, while on the other hand the air conditioner keeps an entire home, office and various other commercial space at a appropriate temperature. The simple air conditioner works on the basis of a working fluid that exits the compressor in order to give it high pressure or hot gas to help the condenser move. The outside section of the air conditioner has metal fins that work exactly like the radiator of a vehicle and they help deplete heat immediately. By the time, this fluid is out of the condenser, it is comparatively cooler. The fluid gets its way to the evaporator via a minuscule, it’s a narrow hole and when the liquid reaches the other side, it begins to drop the pressure. After this, the fluids begin to evaporate gas. The air conditioner pulls air into the ducts via a vent which is used to cool gas in the evaporator and by the time the heated is removed from the air the ducts then drafts cool air in the room.

What is an Inverter AC and how it works?
An inverter air conditioner is a system that works on a varied speed of a compressor that saves electricity. This compressor in an inverter AC runs on different speeds and makes it a variable tonnage Air conditioner. The motor of the compressor, cools the room by running at a high speed at the desired temperature in the beginning. After which, the motor runs on the minimal speed in order for the room temperature to constantly maintained the desired temperature. Hence, the inverter air conditioner can be very cooling as per the load of the output and helps it stay efficient. Here is how the inverter air conditioner is useful if you wish to opt for it in the future. Firstly, the inverter air conditioner saves energy and electricity on a large scale comparatively than any other coolers in the markets. Brand to brand, it differs, but there is at least a percentage of 30 -50% of savings on electricity based on technology. Due to the various compressor speeds in an inverter air conditioner there is always provision of faster and constant cooling. The inverter air conditioner 30% lesser start-up time, unlike the regular ones. This ensures majorly comfort.