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Planning to visit the country which flaunts its splendor proudly and leaves you in awe? Kuwait is undoubtedly that country that is blessed with astonishing charm and aura and exudes the charisma of Arabian adventure. The country has an ancient history and heritage, dating all the way back to the times of antiquity. With time, the country has grown to be one of the most happening metropolis of the world, which is rich due to the numerous oil resources. Nestled amidst Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait attracts a large number of tourists from across the globe. From desert safari to scuba diving, Kuwait is treasure trove of adventure and the abundance of picturesque natural landscapes are enough to captivate you for forever.

But on the other side, it is very difficult to avail a visa for Kuwait if you are a citizen outside of GCC country. The only way to obtain visa is to gather thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations and criteria of documents, so that you don’t make any error while applying for visa. We often see, many applicants have to face rejection on visa. Because of some trivial issue the authority rejects your visa and sometime it’s your fault that leads to visa rejection. Let’s find out the reasons for visa rejection.

Doctored documents

Submitting fake or doctored documents may out in behind bars and even block your passport too. It is regarded as an offensive crime if you provide fake documents. If you don’t have the exact documents asked by the consulate, try to collect them first and until then wait and don’t apply.

Submission of fewer documents

If you don’t have sufficient documents needed to submit for your visa, the authority will decline you permission. Providing extra unnecessary documents won’t please the embassy. Remember, they already have the burden of millions of visa application from across the world and so they don’t have enough time to wait for you. Provide specific documents.

Profession in the passport

UAE authorities deny visa to farmers, laborers etc. and if you have mentioned an unskilled profession on your passport, they will deny you visa.

Past criminal record

If you were behind the bars or any criminal case is being lodged on you, you are not entitled to get visa.  An applicant with prior misconduct report will be denied entry to Kuwait.

Errors in your application or documents

Before submitting the application and documents, check everything properly. Even a simple spelling mistake can lead to visa rejection. Take full precautions while filling-up the form. All your documents must carry same data even the spelling should match with each other.

Political issue with your country

Kuwait is quite a friendly country and they don’t deal with any bad relationship with other countries. But be informative about the diplomatic relation Kuwait shares with your country. If it is not so pleasant, there is a chance of facing visa rejection.

If you are not well-aware of the criteria to apply visa for Kuwait, it is recommended to contact Kuwait Visa Consultant in Delhi. They are highly experienced and dealing with visa related queries for almost three decades now. Get in touch with them and get assurance of obtaining visa as soon as possible.