What Can You Gain From An ITIL Certification?

An ITIL certification provides an individual with the required knowledge that he/she necessitates for gaining recognition in an IT industry.

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of practises for IT service management designed to make sure that that the selection, procedure, delivery, and support of services to a client is standardized.

An ITIL certified individual provides not only efficiency to a business, but, also helps it to achieve speculated service levels.

ITIL certification has five levels each covering a different stage of the IT service management:


The Foundation level is the primary step offering individuals a general overview of the concepts, key elements and terminology details of IT service management lifecycle. This level also provides an insight to contribution of IT service management and its processes in addition to the connections between all lifecycle stages.


The Practitioner level enables an individual to embrace and adjust the workings of ITIL in a business. It also acts a bridge between the previous Foundation and the next Intermediate level.


The Intermediate level includes two categories – Service Lifecycle and Service Capability, each containing modules focusing on a different aspect of IT service management.

Individuals can choose from a set of modules or combine them from the two categories.


The Expert level aims at the ones who want to demonstrate their expertise of ITIL scheme entirely. It is a certificate awarded to those who have showed paramount skill in the field of IT service management.


The master level certification is awarded to those who can provide explanation and justification to how they have successfully applied their own skills, techniques, and knowledge with ITIL to attain their required business end result.

Earning an ITIL certification comes with the following advantages:

Higher increment

An ITIL certification will bring one of the prime requirements of any individual – higher increment. Techopedia lists ITIL certification as one that can provide the highest increment in IT sector.

More skills

Attaining an ITIL certification can enable an individual to gain superior skill sets in the field of IT service management. It can also provide one with broader knowledge on how to implement these skills in order to make an organisation achieve new growths.

Diverse opportunity

Individuals with this certification get diverse opportunities not only with jobs but also within the same organisation. Moreover, they also receive the freedom to choose what role they want to play and where they want to provide it.

Globally acceptable

One of the major benefits of ITIL certification it its worldwide acceptance. More than 10,000 companies worldwide entertain ITIL certified individuals and thereby can provide them to explore new grounds.

New job roles

Another prime benefit of an ITIL certification is its availability to provide individuals with new job roles. The certification does not mean that an individual has to stay out in IT; he/she can explore new jobs and designations in an organisation.

Thus to conclude, an ITIL training certification can add more gravitas to the resume of an individual. Experts recommend IT professionals to get one as it has become the industry standard.

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