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When you take the responsibility of designing the home on your own without having much knowledge, you are bound to create some mistakes. Many people turn out to be their home interior designer. Due to which without any recommendations or looking upon the internet people start designing the home.

Once they have completed the decoring, then only the realization sinks in the mistakes they have committed. Hence, today in this blog, we decided to share with you the top eight mistakes that people commit while designing the home.  Curious to know more on it, keep reading the blog until the end!

Mistake 1: Opting for Dark Furniture

The first mistake that people commit while designing their home is by opting for dark furniture. It might look exciting, huge, or striking but you need to select it according to the space you have. Also selecting dark furniture for the small space shall make the room look bulky and overcrowded.

Mistake 2: Flooring

People often end up selecting the wrong flooring option. According to the experts, it is highly recommended to have reclaimed wooden flooring as it offers multiple benefits and durability options. Specifically reclaimed oak flooring is most trending nowadays and preferred by the high-end interior designers of this time. Besides, carpet flooring repeatedly triggers respiratory problems. Hence, one should avoid it.

Mistake 3: Hanging Art Too High

Having art in your home enhances the interior of your home. However, if you will hang the art too high it will not be noticed. Hang it for the average sight of a human.

Mistake 4: Wrong Size Rug

Another mistake that people commit is by selecting the wrong size of rugs. Remember, it can be the centre point of interest, hence you want to ensure that they look best in the room. The rug should cover the entire seating, not just one portion.

Mistake 5: Bad Lighting

Not having enough lighting in your home makes it look dull. Even though, the natural lighting emits, it’s essential to have the artificial lighting in every corner to light up the rooms and prevent from looking monotonous.

Mistake 6: Clutter

If you are someone who is not managed and often keeps untidy clutter then the open shelves theme isn’t for you. Please avoid it. Also, you need to consider what you are going to put inside it. Organized, neat, and clean should be the shelves.

Mistake 7: Same Furniture

 You want your home to look at a home, not a furniture store. Hence, buy only the kind of furniture that adds personality in the room.

Mistake 8: Colour Fear

Last but not least, having the fear of colour is natural. Before trying out any bold colour palate do your research well or look upon the internet upon the expert’s recommendations.