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There is no denying that solo traveling has become more important and popular among women than ever before. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends, have unforgettable experiences, and explore more about you and the world around. However, sometimes traveling alone can be a scary thing for anyone, especially for women.

We are here to encourage you get out there and see the world by staying safe. The following are some important tips for women traveling alone:

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Do Some Research

You need to do some research in the same way you do for booking cheap domestic flight tickets. There are many user websites that will help you keep in mind the basics while making a traveling plan. You need to research about the staying options available outside. Your research should go beyond specific hotels and areas, and you need to consider looking up for the destinations that other travelers and experts have regarded as being safe for women.

Keep Updating Your Whereabouts to Someone

Whether it’s your dad, mom or any friend, always keep someone informed about your location and movements at regular intervals. Even if you are popping out to a shop for only five minutes, tell someone! It might seem as if you are annoying them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

For extra safety, share your planned itinerary with someone, in the event that your travels take you somewhere that phone signals or Wi-Fi cannot reach.

Another option would be to schedule a regular call time with a family member or friend, where you can check-in and they can be unworried!

Carry a Personal Alarm or Whistle

In case you find yourself in a less safe or comfortable situation, having a personal device to catch the attention of passer-by can be a lifesaving effort. In addition to that, learn how to say words like ‘help’ or ‘fire’ in the language or dialect of the place you are visiting; bystanders often respond to this type of distress call than general screaming or shouting.

Be Smart with Smartphone

We are lucky enough that these days every information or stuff we require for getting around is in our hands. In case you are going to use a taxi, then be smart! Take a picture of the taxi’s number plate and share it with your family members or friends.

If you feel that the driver is trying to steal your possessions, you will be able to report them easily and efficiently. Moreover, you can check the exact route of your journey on a Map Application to make sure you are not being taken wrong way.

Using a foreign phone plan is a good idea, but make sure that your current plan enables you for phone of internet usage abroad.

Give the Impression that You Aren’t Alone

It may seem obvious, but don’t tell anyone you’re alone. Also, avoid giving the impression that no one is with you and you are alone.

Don’t hesitate in making a fake call. If needed, pretend to be telling your ‘friend’ that you’re on your way to meet them. Or, update them on your whereabouts.

All in all, you better plan or give attention to your safety concerns even more than other things such as buying cheap domestic flight tickets, shopping for traveling etc.

So these were top five things to keep you safe when outside. Bearing these tips in mind will help you enjoy the most amazing trip possible. If you find these tips relevant and valuable, you can share this piece through your social media accounts.

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