Tips to Make the Most of Luxury Vinyl Tiles with Dark Stone Effects

Are you looking for an affordable, low-maintenance, hardwearing and easily installed flooring option that doesn’t sacrifice the statement style of natural dark stone flooring? Luxury vinyl tiles could match your requirements in more ways than you imagined possible.

Sophistication with Other Benefits

Sumptuous dark stone flooring gives an indulgent feel to a room and lends itself to many bold interior design schemes. Now, you can have this and other benefits such as heat/sound insulation, long-lasting durability and water-resistance with luxury vinyl tiles. These hardwearing tiles are capable of taking on topples, spills, scratches and much more. You can install this type of flooring almost anywhere in your home and even use it for commercial applications.

Realistic Appearance and Numerous Varieties

Luxury vinyl tiles are available in a wide range of stone colours, patterns and textures so realistic that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between them and natural stone tiles. Thanks to technological advancements and competition between different manufacturers, they are available in innumerable varieties – whether you want to bring the sophistication of natural dark slate or the contemporary look of dark metallic shades into your home, you will be able to find the right solution for your requirements.

Great Choice for Busy Households 

Luxury vinyl tiles with dark stone flooring effects can really benefit a space – such as when you have tall walls and high ceilings in a room. Dark stone floors are sophisticated and perfectly complement contemporary interior design schemes. Besides, they’re great for busy households and homes with small children or pets because they hide spills, dirt and stains really well – all you need is a damp mop and regular vacuuming to keep the floors looking fabulous.

Interior Design Tips

While using luxury vinyl tiles with dark stone flooring effects in your kitchen, select a lighter shade for cabinets, countertop and backsplash to create a refreshing contrast. If you plan to use dark flooring in bedrooms, consider using rich colours on the walls, bed coverings etc. to create a sophisticated scheme of lights and darks. If you’re using dark flooring in your living room, make sure the colour resonates throughout the room such as in throw pillows, wall borders or rugs.

Installing luxury vinyl tiles with dark stone effects can add a new level of style to your home – explore your options online and order samples now to make the perfect choice!

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