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Sina and Jochen were looking for a practical and versatile pram that offers enough space for their baby in every age. Did you land a hit with the Turbo 6 station wagon from ABC Design?

Hurray, our daughter Lucie has landed. But even more nerve-wracking than the birth was in advance the choice for the right stroller. After intensive research of the pram market, we finally followed the recommendation of friends. Our choice was for the model TURBO 6 of the brand ABC Design . And I can already anticipate: We have not regretted this choice.

“Turbo 6” – had the name of the vehicle at the beginning still a little amused, we now realized why the good piece is called like that. In no time at all, the car can be set up, removed and rebuilt as needed. Not for nothing he is also called combi stroller. Here is the structure of the strolleronce quite unusual, compared to prams of other brands. The “Turbo 6” roughly consists of three parts: the base with storage space and wheels, the “toddler” seat clicked on and the baby bath above. The latter is placed in the flattened infant seat and connected securely with a click mechanism and a safety strap underneath. The baby bath can then be left away later, as soon as the child can sit for a long time. Incidentally, instead of the toddler seat, you can “click” a MaxiCosi or other bucket seats with the help of two adapters.

At the first moment, the stroller seemed quite big and bulky. Meanwhile, we (and Lucie) have come to appreciate this space. There is more than enough room for both our baby as well as additional items that you carry with you in everyday life, such as baby equipment, shopping and the like. Now, with Lucie turning and turning as her mind goes, the carrycot has plenty of room. That’s good to know, because the little one is growing fast at the moment, and the kinderwagen test germany can be used for a long time.

Our Turbo 6 we have chosen in the subtle color graphite gray. Looks very noble and is anything but boring or sad. The upper material is robust, washable and weatherproof. The hood has a special sun protection factor, according to the attached label “Sunprotection 50+”. Can not we measure. But it was already remarkable that the early summer 25 degrees Celsius last weekend did not really make the little girl sweat under the completely closed hood. “Cool” 😉 Nasensauger Baby Test
The base of the stroller, so the chassis is made of lightweight aluminum and thus surprisingly light despite its dimensions. The tires seem to be made of rubber. We read it: it’s air chamber wheels that you can not inflate, and therefore does not have to inflate. So “flat”, very good. The fact that the tires are somewhat firmer due to the thick rubber than that of other stroller, has been made up for in ABC Design by a special suspension. Well, Lucie seems to be very happy with the ride comfort. And that’s the main thing.

And the driving behavior?
We parents, siblings and grandparents are more interested in the handling and the ” driving behavior “. And there is the big, perhaps somewhat sedate looking Turbo 6 a force. The stroller is very easy and agile. So he can easily maneuver with one hand through a supermarket. Even in busy pedestrian areas, we have appreciated this property. We would not have thought in advance. For the root-crossed forest path, you can adjust the two fast-moving front wheels with a click, so that they do not make the walk a trick.
➤ The parking brake is operated by foot and also offers safe stops in jerky Berlin trams and downhill paths. More comfortable and safer than some handlebar brakes we’ve seen on other strollers.

The stroller handle is pleasantly upholstered in water-repellent leather look and can be easily adjusted in height with a central pressure mechanism, the so-called telescopic slide. This is not only practical if someone else takes care of pushing the car, but also if you have little space to place the car in a café or tram. Schwimmhilfen Test & Vergleich 2019 – 10testen.de

➤ Each side of the handle has a holder for pockets or accessories such as cup holders. Really handy for bags. We have not tried a cup holder or the like so far. Appears us but meaningful and comfortable.
What has impressed us next to the driving behavior, is the handling of the hood. It can be doubled by zipper in the Ausklappgröße. So our child is perfectly protected in strong sunshine or wind and weather. A viewing window gives us the opportunity to take a look at the little ones every now and again, without having to open the hood and there is a risk that she will wake up.

The toddler seat, we have not been able to test in its entirety, because our baby is still small. Just like the baby bath, the seat offers a lot of space. And when the little passenger feels like kicking around, two comfortable-looking shoulder straps provide the necessary security. Well thought-out by ABC Design that you can use the hood not only for the baby bath, but also for the toddler seat. On other strollers, which we have seen, the hood is firmly connected to the tub. Not so with the Turbo 6.
The adjustability of the backrest was a bit hakelig before us. But if you have the trick, the handling is easy. The backrest can even be laid completely flat, so that our “piggy clever” can sleep comfortably in the child seat.

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