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Interior designs are now a rage among those who want a quintessential home. In those modern designs, the tradition element which most Indian homemakers prefer is a swing. It is a common favourite of children who love to play in swings, maybe after a tiring day at school. It can also be a place of reminiscence for old hearts as they relax on these vintage swings.

Hence, as you plan to install one, teak wood swings can be your foremost choice to enhance the aesthetics and charm of your home.

Few Must Know Facts about Teakwood Swings:

  • These swings are effective, durable and will never go out of fashion. They come in a wide variety of colour and polish with supreme quality of fine finish.
  • They carry both aesthetic and modern day designs to blend with an individual’s home interiors. High-quality wood is used in their making giving them a grand look that deceives no one.
  • Teakwood is a very dense quality wood in comparison to Shesham or mango wood which makes it strong and sturdy.
  • It has an organic oil content that acts as a repellent to termites, fungus and other insects which may otherwise destroy the material causing irreversible damage. This resisting attribute of teak wood swings acts as a strong positive point for all customers who favour wooden furniture.
  • The teakwood swings are expensive in comparison to other varieties due to their exclusivity. This type of wood is not affected by any climate change as well. Thus, the price range starts at a higher range compared to others.

Relevance of buying wooden swings online in India:

Nowadays, almost everything happens in the virtual world. Eventually, home décor furniture have also made their mark on numerous websites making the buying process easier and flexible for customers.

Wooden swings online in India are quite the trend now. Renowned websites have incorporated these classic furniture within their interior designing pages.

  1. The online sites provide a varied range of teakwood swings stating detailed descriptions of each respective product; ranging from material to size variability.
  2. Normally the Burma Teakwood swing is a pricey one! Its range starts from above 20,000 and goes so and so forth depending on design and size. Most online sites start the price range of swing sets from 30,000. The Jhula or ‘oonjal’ is a popular option for many swing lovers. The price range starts from 18000 and moves onwards. Customers can also compare the prices of various online sites and then avail the most economical of the lot.
  3. You can get a variety of designs to match with your interior or exterior’s aesthetics.
  4. Another perk of purchasing products online is their delivery service as per scheduled timings. You might have to pay additional amount but that’s always a more convenient option.

Adding the “old world” charm to your house- Teakwood Swing, the new asset!

Having a vintage look in your home is a bonus. “Home is where the heart is”- as the old saying goes, fits well with classically handcrafted teak wood swings. Antique lovers have a different emotion connected with such wooden furniture pieces. Additionally, due to the ever-increasing availability of these types of swings online, acquiring one is quite easy for all. The online mode makes the work fast and less hassling.


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