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The modern fashion is all about being skinny and zero size is better than the curvaceous body type. And everybody wants to be skinny and tall now. But, there’s a problem with this and that’s you couldn’t find the perfect dress for the slim figure easily. Even the fashion stylists say that although most of the trends go perfectly with the skinny body type, there are still many women’s dresses and clothes which don’t suit slim figures.

The fact is that women are never satisfied with their look even after getting ready for hours. Sometimes they just spend hours in deciding which dress would be the best option for the occasion and this makes them more confused. The best attire is something that no girl can find ever and if she does, it doesn’t fit perfectly and appropriately.

As a girl you should know that doesn’t matter if you are too fat, too tall, too short, too curvy or too thin, there’s a dress for you. The only thing that matters is the style to carry out any dressing or outfit. You need to pay attention to the styling of your clothes and find out the best manner that suits your body. Although styling advices for every body type are present, in this blog we are focusing on the skinny girls.

This blog contains many useful tips that would work best with your skinny body type and make you feel more confident about the way you look.

  • Picking up the right cut: If you are skinny, then your main goal should be to create curves and volume through your dressing. You have to focus on adding a balanced weight in your look. Either you can choose bigger cuts to make yourself appear wider or a slight body hugging dress that has very tight close cuts. You can check online to find the perfect slim size cuts that can provide you a desirable look.


  • Necklines and sleeves for skinny girls: For thin girls, the dresses that have volume on the hips and shoulder would be a great option, as this creates an illusion of curves. A peplum style or an empire-waist dress can help you in getting a fuller silhouette. You can also consider wearing baby-doll style clothes, but yes do consider the fact that these women dresses online make you look shorter, thus for girls having short height should avoid wearing these.



  • For sleeves: If you are worried about your scrawny arms, then you can go for shirts which have volume sleeves, as this would provide a wider look. With batwing sleeves, you can definitely balance your silhouette and add some additional shape to your body. For disguising thin arms, long sleeves with print can be a good option. You must invest in some good footwear, so that you can distract people from the upper half of your body. Try to hide your arms you can get a women’s bomber jacket online in Australia having a long-sleeved top. By tucking in your shirts, you can create a wider look for your hips and this will surely make your legs look good.


  • For busts: Womens dresses online with heavy colours and prints, and detailing that includes ruffles, pleats, knots, twists or rushing at the bodice should be your choice if you are skinny. If your bust is flat, then go for dresses with sequins and jewels. When you wear the dresses with bow, then you can uplift your bust a bit. For your small-busted figure draping at your neckline can be a good alternative. Don’t wear anything with V neckline or something that has deep cleavage and try to be fair with your chest. Ruffled neckline, high cowl-neck, mandarin collars, and turtle neck also work in a good way for a flat bust. Layering can also help in providing some volume to your bust area. You can play with all types of chunky clothes and can wear anything with layers, details, colors, and prints. Don’t overdo with your dressing otherwise you’d end up looking tacky.

Now, you know what you need to wear in order to make your skinny appearance look amazing. The next thing is buying such clothes from a renowned place and that can be Pilgrim Clothing. Visit now to buy some of the best dresses.

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