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Sucking thumb is a very natural for babies. It’s very common for them to use their thumb and figurers to find comfort and relax in his life. This is also become a daily routine for their life. There are some common reason of thumb sucking habits is fall asleep, feel good and comfort. At this stage thumb sucking is also effecting the child growth and development of their teeth. It will also create a dental problem in future. But thumb sucking help to reduce their anxiety problem. So if your child still sucking thumb, here’s tips to handle it correctly.


Always start to talking to your child about my thumb sucking is a bed habit for him. If you talk alone then it doesn’t work, but you can also motivate your child to decide that he wants to quit. Positive motivation is only half story you need to tell about how they affect you in the future. You can talk about some point with your child.

  1. Thumb sucking spread the germs and makes people sick.
  2. Thumb sucking pushes your teeth in forward direction and makes you funny.
  3. What other kids think about him and treat like a small baby.
  4. Try to explain long and how it affect him and make him funny.


YouTube is great ways you can educate your child how thumb sucking effect him. It’s an easy or cheap medium to accomplish them. You can show some thumb sucking video that will motivate to quite.

Arrange chat with the dentist

Having the dentist appointment with your kids about how thumb sucking impacts their health. Dentist wears a white coat which makes him important person. Your kids accept the dentist advice and stop thumb sucking.

Do something Nice

When your kid takes a step to thumb sucking, show your child you have noticed him. Try to divert his mind in other activities like book reading or storytelling.


Kids like to get reward from the elder and their parents. If you awarded your kids for their good behavior then this will help to encourage positivity in your kid. But this trick not work in night when your kid alone on the bed.

This article is written by Rajat Sharma. He is a lifestyle and traveller blogger from New Delhi, India and one of the writers and editor of Happiness Creativity Blog. He is nineteen years old, and when he is not working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and playing cricket.

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