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Translation has become very significant for small business that are trying to boost their client database as well as attempting to get a foothold in the industry. The reason behind the significance of translators in the business industry is due to reason that to obtain noticed by the global customers and compete in the market where the price margins are very close you require reaching out to more number of people then your competitors. If your competitors are capable to sell their products to customers comprehending a foreign language only then you should translate your business profile on the internet in that particular language to gather their attention. Otherwise, your competitors will grab a foothold in that exacting market without facing any kind of competition from you and you will possibly lose out on a huge client database.

In the business scenario today, it is significant to think of bridging the language gap, not only by translating websites and other business as well as product information, but also in hiring multilingual staff.We will work with you to recognize target audiences and adapt our translations hence to ensure utmost impact in the target languages.

PoliLingua translation services agency is able to distinguish itself from its competition because of the innovative ways in which we utilize the newest technologies. We have close relationships with technology providers as well as we specialize in employing and customizing non-captive as well as independently developed technologies.

At the end of the day, satisfying clientele is our most significant objective. We take as much time as necessary to fully comprehend the business culture of the client. In addition, we train our global teams to work with our customers in a fully integrated manner, effortlessly blending with their own in-house teams.

We have started off as a professional language translation services agency PoliLingua and advanced over the years into a multilingual translation agency covering documents from all aspects of life: from personal documents to official as well as from private to public, from government to business and further to the corporate level. Our company is a widely recognized translation agency based in Chisinau, Moldova. We have reliable translators both in-house as well as freelancers, who are spread across the globe, belonging to almost all major cultures of the world.

Our specialized, creative translators have many years’ experience writing compelling as well as effective content for diverse target audiences to ensure your multilingual campaigns have the greatest chance of success.

In order to offer service our clients, we have determined to stand out among others. We can help you with your translation needs.  Just call us or email, live chat or phone.

To make sure that you obtain the quality that you need, all our Translation services are conducted by real people and are not machine translated. We are convinced that this is the only way to provide high quality translations. The translations are performed by native translators (people who have the language as mother tongue) as well as checked by native translators.