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Throughout the centuries and years, we have come across so many health-related myths. Some have been tried, tested, some firmly believed without any proof, while some myths are nothing more than just mere fantasy.

Therefore, today in this article we decided to share with you various myths and redefine the health in 2019. Curious to know, keep reading the interesting article!

Myth 1: Drinking eight glasses of water

The first myth we are going to discuss is the common myth of drinking eight glasses of the water. Well to burst the bubble, you need to stop counting the glasses. Drink water only if you are thirsty. According to the statistics, people who drink as per their thirst are healthier and stay hydrated.

Moreover, you will also be consuming beverages that contain water like soup, fruit, vegetables, juices, tea and other drinks that shall keep you full.

Myth 2: Being Cold gives you Cold

No, the cold air doesn’t make you sick with the cold. In fact according to the experts when you spend time extensively being at home then you are more likely to catch a cold due to the allergens constantly indoors.

Myth 3: Deodorants and Antiperspirant causes breast cancer

Another myth to break – No, the deodorants and antiperspirants are not the cause of breast cancer. Some scientists believe that the chemicals found in them are absorbed through the underarm. Nonetheless, there’s no accurate evidence stating the reason.

Myth 4: Supplements make you healthy

Often people end up having supplements just because they are feeling weak and fatigue. Well, turns out the additional supplements are risky and dangerous to your body. True, there might be a deficiency in your body. But, to know more in-depth about it, the best way is to consult the doctor, do safety and medical monitoring and then he or she shall suggest the supplements by examining the tests.

Myth 5: Cracking the Joints causes Arthritis

The sound of cracking is quite annoying to many of us. However, it’s been believed that people who crack their joints are detected with Arthritis in long duration.  The reason why it cracks is due to the gas bubble filled between the bones. Hence they “pop.”

If you are feeling constant pain in the joints, the ideal way is to contact the doctor.

Myth 6: Sugar makes the kids exaggerate

Its true sugar isn’t good for the kids. But according to the studies, the sweet stuff will not result in the getting hype. It’s just that kids tend to become excited or feel euphoric. Hence, parents avoid giving sugar.

Myth 7: Eating Eggs is not good for the heart

This one turns out to be a common myth that eggs are not good for health. It’s been said that eggs contain cholesterol due to which the heart patient avoid it. However, it’s not true! Sure eating tons of scrambled eggs will cause death. Nevertheless, eating one or two on daily basis isn’t going to give you a heart attack. In fact, eggs contain essential nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids.