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Incense sticks form an integral part of our daily lives. They come in a wide range of aromas and sizes owing to their respective brand making. Incense sticks or Agarbattis are mainly used in ritualistic ceremonies across various cultures all over the world. However, in India, we see the most usage of dhoop owing to its strong religious fervour.

Nowadays, many brands have started selling incense sticks online. In this era of virtual reality, online purchasing of incense sticks seems pretty logical.

There lies a rich historical culture behind burning incense sticks in this nation. Before understanding why to get the best incense sticks online, a brief overview of the incense culture can help you pick the right agarbattis for your home.

Incense Culture: A brief overview

India is a land of vibrating mythologies and enriching heritage. Our epics, Vedas, Sanskrit texts show records of burning incense sticks during meditations and ritualistic practices in ancient times.

“Yajnas”, “Artis” and “Pujas” were traditional practices for worshipping devas in historical times. Rishis or Sannyasis burnt them to drift off in a meditative trance. This helped them to get closer to Gods.

Camphor and Chandan were two basic items found in any temple in those days. These two fragrances magnify the devotee’s inner spirituality. So, as time passed, Indian civilisations evolved letting in a modern world imbued with hints of traditionalism. Therefore, even today, extensive usage of incense sticks is observed in every Indian household.

Incense sticks available online – Advantages

Nowadays, online websites have a separate section for purchasing puja items. From candles to idols of Gods and Goddesses, every kind of worshipping item is being marketed here.

  • Renowned brands manufacturing incense sticks provide their signature agarbattis online within a standard feasible range.
  • Exquisite aromas like Indian Rose, Oudh, Lotus and others are often missing from a retail shop. Online websites provide customers with a huge array of fragranced incense sticks. Exclusive smells like Lavender, Dew flower, Lily, Musk, Resin and many others are now available online.
  • Many incense producing companies have their own websites where customers can choose easily from a wide variety. Certain people favour certain brands. So, now you can get your favourite brand’s incense with just a click!
  • Online incense sticks provide a customer with reviews and intricate details. The content of the stick along with user review helps a person to decide quickly which agarbatti to go for!
  • The price of incense sticks online varies from low to high. So, budget is not at all a constraint in getting unconventional aromas to engulf your house. Customers can freely select incense sticks catering within their budget.
  • People often forget to buy incense sticks on a regular basis. As a result, at crucial times like pujas and temple offerings, they often rush to a retail shop at the last moment! To save yourself from this crisis, buy combo packs of incense sticks online. They come in a bunch of 3 to 4 packets each having a different fragrance. It is a reasonable deal to lock in!

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