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For a long time, we already know that Google has been showing personalized results directly linked to geolocation. Google, in its attempt to improve the user experience and improve search results, is able to adapt the results taking into account this factor, that is why it is increasingly important to work Local SEO .

Precisely because of this, local businesses are increasingly attracting organic traffic, making those who are in a specific location to compete with national websites.

This type of searches are more relevant in mobile where Google Business (formerly Google Places) monopolizes the first positions and if Google does not know that your business is close it may be showing one that is much further away.

Taking into account the following data, doing Local SEO is especially important:

  • One in three searches have “local” motivation
  • 95% of users use their smartphones to locate and visit nearby stores

Let’s assume if you run a small nursery in Abu Dhabi and want to rank your site higher in local search engine. Following these techniques will really help you getting their.

What can we do to optimize Local SEO?

Much of the results page is occupied by the local results and being able to be on the front page happens to be present in the Google map.

To appear in the local results, until recently one of the most effective ways was through a profile of Google Plus Local, a service aimed at creating pages of local businesses and businesses within the Google Plus social network. The information contained in these is the one that is later used in different Google services such as Google Maps or Google Search.

But this has changed recently with the recent launch of  Google MyBusiness , a service with which the company intends to connect businesses directly with customers and integrates the old Google Places and our Google Plus Local page.

It is a tool where we can manage our local business in a simpler and easier way than it has been until now, being able to include the information of the company as well as publications with news or news from the same platform.

To create our Google MyBusiness page we can do it from Google Places or from our Google Plus profile as both redirect us to the same platform: http://www.google.com/business/

Some tips to improve the SEO of the company page are:

  • Fill the profile 100% and do not leave empty fields: all this information will be valuable for Google to better identify what your business is dedicated to and relate it to the searches of users interested in your area of ​​activity.
  • Use the reference keywords when describing the activity: when it comes to including business information, its optimization is important using the main keywords.
  • Title: includes the keyword that defines the activity in the title since the objective is to optimize searches for both search engines and consumers.
  • Choose up to 5 categories that define the activity of the company as precisely as possible.
  • Encourage users to leave their comments: comments are important, although it is about providing a quality service for users to talk about us.
  • Work the page with publications and promote social activity.