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Yes, for many people, living in a big city represents a chance for improvement and stability. Massive immigration from rural to urban areas happened because of job opportunities, economic growth, technological innovations and many other things that small cities and villages simply cannot offer. However, living in a big metropolitan city comes with strings attached. And those strings can harm your and your family’s mental health. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in big cities. So, when you think of all those people, noise, traffic, pollution, lack of privacy and much more, no wonder why so many people feel miserable. So, without further ado, here is how living in a big city can harm your mental health and what can you do to prevent it.

You Might Develop an Anxiety Disorder

Believe it or not,according to a recent study, when living in a big city, there is a 21% chance of developing an anxiety disorder compared to living in a rural area. This is because city life is very fast. People are rushing to work, to their home, to the supermarket, and so on. Everyone is stressed out because of work and money. After all, that is why they continue living in a big city. But that also keeps them away from their friends and family and does not allow them to keep their social relationships alive. So, if you are cut away from everybody you care for and are constantly working or rushing somewhere, your chances of developing anxiety are pretty high. If you think that you are affected by this, do not wait as it might become really serious. There are many strategies for handling anxiety.

A depressed woman.
City Life can Literally drive You Crazy

Depression in Big Cities is a Growing Epidemic

As previously mentioned, people living in big cities are socially isolated. Especially those newcomers who came to the city looking for a better future. Of course, you will be able to make more money in metropolitan cities, but is it really worth it? In big cities, families are always separated. Both parents have to work, sometimes two jobs at a time, in order to support their families. Moreover, children grow up learning the wrong values. And people are always carelessly rushing somewhere. So, if you think that by living in a big city you will be surrounded by many friends, you are wrong. You will just be surrounded by many people, who are nothing more than acquaintances and strangers. This is why so many people in big cities suffer from depression.

The Noise and Light Can Be Too Much to Handle

If you cannot handle noise and lights, there is moving assistance available in Bergen County, NJ that can help you relocate to a quieter place. Lights that are too bright and noise that messes up with our sleep are two things that always come with living in a big city. You cannot avoid them as much as you try. Unless you are a party animal or someone who is simply used to it, city life will drive you crazy. During day and night, you will hear ambulance sirens, constant car horns, construction noises, people yelling, and never-ending music coming from everywhere. Also, you will forget what night looks like as the city lights are too bright and will probably mess up with your sleep. Believe us, living in a big city will certainly get your blood boiling.

City at night.

 Unless you have lived in a big city your entire life, adjusting to the fast lifestyle and sleepless nights can be arduous.

Pollution Will Harm Your Body and Your Soul

Whether you live in Paris, New York, or some other place, living in a big city will harm your physical and mental health. The water you drink is polluted and the air your breath in is polluted. Of course, these things will affect your physical health. But, if you are constantly sick, or worry about being sick, that will leave a toll on your mental health too! It is simple, with all that pollution, your immune system will be weaker and you will have less energy for everyday stuff. Moreover, because of polluted air, you might develop asthma or numerous types of allergies. That only means one thing – a lot of medications, and a lot of visits to your doctor. So, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, and your children to grow up happier, consider moving to a rural area, or at least to some suburb. There are many moving companies like Moving of America – NJ Movers that will help you start your new life elsewhere.

Pollution in the city.

Pollution can have devastating effects on our bodies and minds.

How to Prevent City Life From Harming Your Mental Health

The bottom line is that living in a big city can bring you both good and bad things. And yes, it can affect both your physical and mental health. So, if you are not able to move to another, healthier and quieter place, you can at least learn how to deal with different stresses that city life brings.

  • Spend Time Outdoors. Do not limit yourself to spending all your hours in your concrete office and apartment. If you are alone in this big city, call your colleagues or classmates, and spend your weekends in the park. Or, if you have children, take them to a beach or forest, or even a park nearby to have a picnic.
  • Take Day Trips. Most big cities have traveling agencies that offer day trips to some other areas of the country. Take advantage of that. You will feel refreshed.
  • Create a Community. As previously mentioned, living in a big city can make you feel isolated and lonely, which can lead to depression and anxiety. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be surrounded by people. If there is a community you like, join it. If not, make your own and call people. You will see that the turnout will be great.

Exercise. It is no surprise that exercising makes people happier. So, besides being happier and healthier, you will also belong to a community and be surrounded by people. Also, there are numerous exercises to improve your lung condition, so make sure to give them a try.