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At present most of the companies understand that having mobile applications is the central part of business success. Everyone is choosing enterprise mobile app development for getting growth and changes in enterprise workflows. After seeing the growth factors, companies want to maintain mobile apps to accelerate growth and enhance business methods.

Mobility is an essential element of future. More number of companies are shifting to smartphone and tablet devices for providing their services or products to their customers. It caused for the trouble to the enterprise mobile app developers. There are so many technologies are there with plenty of opportunities for developing apps.At the time of developing enterprise mobile application for companies developers are facing lot of challenges to develop apps.

Let’s discuss about the challenges that are facing at the time of crafting, developing and testing the enterprise mobile apps.

User Experience:

User Experience is the right solution to make your application successful. According to Forrester, 64% of the employees are not utilizing enterprise mobile applications. The main reason for this problem is the poor user experience. The loss of time becomes hard for employees and value simplicity. While creating an app the main challenge is app should satisfy the requirements related to corporate branding and simplicity.

They can develop excellent mobile applications when they use a responsive app design. Innovative tactics that are using for developing a seamless UI is the ultimate success factor. Enterprise app developers can squeeze their apps when they get structured feedback, continually observer’s crash logs and track of action metrics. Developers still face troublesome for setting up the process.


It is important to consider the security of the application when developing an app for your customers or employees. The basic challenge that is facing by so many companies is security. If a security breach in your mobile app is harmful to the entire organization. Every developer has to conscious about the security defects that could disturb your app and how to test it

Content Management and Data Access:

For building solid enterprise mobile apps, access to corporate data is very important. Corporate data normally maintains the backend database. So it is important to manage the data that is stored in the device native file system. So that it can also be accessed while online

Another Major challenge is to gather different content types like images, text, animation & etc. into solid development files for uploading on various app stores. So there is a demand for assuring combined and seamless sync of all data between enterprise app and the backend

API Strategy:

API Strategy is another challenge facing by the developers at the time developing enterprise mobile applications. For approving specific actions it requires what are the business functions. For this API is required to reveal business functions.

Companies have to evaluate the capability of current APIs, means it has to satisfy the requirements of the app. We have to adjust the current API is not sufficient or create a new one from the bottom level if it is required. When gathering product requirements, APIs Strategy should be combined. It is necessary to the functioning of the product and adds cost, effort to the project

Technology for Development:

Html-Css3 is an excellent platform for building strong enterprise applications. Less cost and time took for developing apps and can easily port to different platforms. Few restrictions are there related to data security, data storage and etc.

Other Different technologies are also there for developing from starting to ending with good performance, but takes a lot of time for developing. So every developer is in dilemma at the time of development, which technology is suitable for their app. Development technology used for building apps is essential and it is based on the exact needs of the end user.

The success of enterprise mobile app development does not only depends on developing the app, but also assuring a good and reliable system. The market for the enterprise is successful after overcoming all challenges that are faced at the time developing apps.

App development resources:

The highest challenge faced by companies for developing apps is experience in developing apps. Mobile app development is a growing industry when compared to the web and other traditional IT systems. Companies don’t have developers with adequate skills to develop enterprise apps. So they have to hire developers from outside.

Hiring the developers and maintaining them is a difficult task and the company has to spend a lot of money. Many more designations from mobile engineers to product managers are needed and require to pay salaries based on the demand. So turnover will enhance to the company because of the need of developers and their experience for developing apps to the enterprise.

For resolving the problem, many firms are using their internal employees for performing smaller tasks. Other key tasks are giving to the outsourced people. 55% of the companies are succeeded in delivering apps after following this approach

This method is really valuable to the companies, especially who are just starting their enterprise mobility initiatives, by mixing external resource with inside developers. It helps to reduce the cost and helpful to internal employees to gain more knowledge for future projects

Big Data:

Everyone is discussing about bigdata for a long time. You will go to another step after using big data in enterprise mobility. With aim of moving to digital more number of companies wants to use big data in their enterprise mobile apps. Data or information will extend for the companies in the future and there is a necessity to maintain, manage and process the data. So all companies are looking towards big data for making crucial decisions in their business. So the main challenge here is to utilize big data effectively in enterprise mobile apps and it is an important success factor to the enterprise also.

Fusion informatics develops and presents a solution to deal with all the challenges that are faced in enterprise mobile application. We have skilful experts and continuously adopting latest technologies which are released in the market. If you want to face all kind of challenges you need a partner for developing by overcoming the challenges.