Adult Circumcision
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In many parts of the world, the circumcision surgery is a common procedure, and definitely for a good number of reasons. Some parents make the decision for their male child at the time of birth and ask surgeons to proceed with the surgery, whereas others prefer to keep it intact. However, as men grow older, an intact penis can lead to several health-related problems. Whether performed at the time of birth or later in life, circumcision can have lasting effects on the sexual health and physical well-being of men.

For men who experience diminishing penis sensitivity post adult circumcision, some men’s health formulas containing minerals and vitamins could help to increase the tactile sensation in the penis and improve the overall sensitivity of the penis. However, loss of sensitivity is a rare case if you choose the best healthcare specialist.

What Happens in the Adult Circumcision?

Circumcision in men is a common surgical procedure where circumcision experts remove the foreskin of the penis (this is a thin dermal tissue, or sheath of skin that covers the head, or glans of the penis). Circumcision is a common procedure in most parts of the world, often a procedure parents choose at the time of birth of their male child. However, in some cases, males of all ages have the procedure later in their life. Upon the removal of the skin covering the penis, the glans remains open permanently.

What’s the Reason Men Undergo Circumcision?

When it comes to the reasons why men consider circumcision, there are several. The original or you can say the primary reason for the surgery is for religious reasons. For example, it is a necessary act in the Jewish religion for men to have the removal of the foreskin on the eighth day of the male child’s life, as a visible sign of his religion.

The other practical reason parents considered the surgery for their infants or newborn children was to promote better hygiene. The belief was that the clearer the penis, the better it is to keep it clean with regular washing. Today, adult men opt for the procedure because they didn’t go through it as kids. Men also opt for the surgery for cosmetic reasons, and at other times for health-related problems like balanitis. In this condition, the penis becomes painful and swollen.

Other reasons include health or medical related ones, like phimosis, UTIs, risks of STDs, penile cancers, and poor hygiene leading to various other bacterial infections.

Does Circumcision in Men Have Negative Effects?

Rest assured that circumcision in men is not a harmful or risky surgery. It is necessary medically and the number of medical professionals keeps increasing. When you consult a Circumcision Center expert, you will learn that there are no health side effects. However, the only possible risks may include infection or bleeding. In the long term, some men complain about the sensitivity of their penis diminishing, but that’s rare.

Some men say that when they experience diminished penis sensitivity, they are unable to enjoy intimate times to the fullest. Some circumcised men say that the penis sensitivity loss leads to them becoming impotent, but there are no valid searches to support this information.

Is the Surgery Reversible?

Some men after the circumcision surgery regret their decision (often emotional or psychological reasons). Some consider difficult cases and choose to opt for surgical foreskin restoration. However, there is no particular guarantee that this should restore the normal feel of the penis. Another technique, which can take many years to complete, is to stretch the remaining penis skin until it covers the head of the penis.

Less dramatic and a more pleasant option to increase the penile sensitivity is to use specifically designed penis health formula. One that contains minerals, vitamins,and other natural moisturizers. Keep in mind that the right formula will also help to improve the texture and the tone of the penile skin. Regular use can also help to restore the sensitivity of the penis as well as enhance intimate times.

A Surgery for Personal Preference

In uncircumcised penises, it is a common sight to see that the foreskin of the penis drapes over the head of the penis, in a hood like a manner. Often the penis of the head is not visible in this case, and it has a bunched up look. However, a circumcised penis appears a lot neater but may cause the glans to have constant exposure. Most men prefer to have a neater appearance. Hence, they opt for adult circumcision surgery as one based on their personal preference. In some cases, female partners prefer their partner to have a neat penis, so men opt for the surgery.

Circumcision in men is a safe and risk-free procedure, but know that restoring the results is often not possible, since the penis will not have the restored look feel back. Just make sure that you consult the right healthcare experts and they would guide you well about the procedure.