Bespoke Engagement rings

Harness the Incredible Potential of Bespoke Engagement Rings

In a world of mass produced products, a custom engagement ring is a great way to stand out and make a strong marriage proposal. An increasing number of jewellery stores are offering bespoke engagement rings in Birmingham and here are some tips to help you commission a budget friend, one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Have a Budget in Mind

Before you go to discuss bespoke engagement rings in Birmingham, decide a budget for the ring. Instead of large jewellery shop chains, find a reputed independent retailer who can draw from a network of gemstone dealers worldwide to source competitively priced gemstones that fit your budget. An experienced jewellery store will be able to come up with affordable ideas and solutions without compromising on the core qualities you want for your engagement ring.

Get Involved in Design Process

Be involved during the design process – think of it as an opportunity to breathe life into your concept. The idea behind a bespoke engagement ring is that it’s unique and has a personality of it’s own. Talk about the style of jewellery your beloved prefers, her lifestyle, work profile, favorite colors, gemstones, metals etc. so that you walk away with a beautiful ring that’s a true reflection of her personality and is practical enough to suit her lifestyle.

Explore Different Gemstones

Bespoke engagement rings in Birmingham come in a wide variety of gemstones – it doesn’t strictly have to be a diamond. Coloured gemstones are increasing in popularity and value, so they can be worthwhile investments. One advantage of diamonds is that they are hard stones whereas other gemstones such as emeralds can be brittle. If you want a pop of colour on your custom engagement ring, opt for a ruby or sapphire which comes in many shades – both stones are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness.

Keep In Mind Practical Considerations

Provide pictures of your sweetheart and engagement rings that inspire you so that the jewelry designer has something to work with to kick start the process.  Jewellery designers understand which styles would work best for the physical profile of wearer – for example, if your sweetheart has short, wide fingers, the designer may suggest a slim design with a large, vertically elongated central gemstone. Chunkier rings sit well on slim hands and fingers.

For best outcomes, relax, let your creativity flow and enjoy the experience of creating a stunning custom engagement ring!

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