Four Reasons to Choose Cormar Carpets in the UK

Here’s an interesting piece of information if you’re looking for high quality carpets in Britain – Cormar Carpets have collected over forty carpet and flooring awards in the UK and over a million people purchase their carpets every year. Read on to learn what makes these floor coverings so coveted.

Top Quality British Wool Carpets

Cormar Carpets is a long-established carpet manufacturing company that produces high quality carpets right here in Britain – at it’s two Lancashire carpet making factories to be precise. They offer both luxurious wool carpets and easy clean carpets. The wool they source is from highly prized local British sheep. Local sheep have adapted to the harsh British climate and produce superior quality wool which is what goes into Cormar floor coverings.

Stain-Resistant Easy Clean Carpets

A busy household witnesses several types of spills such as wine, coffee, tea, oil etc. Having a carpet that resists most stains and is bleach cleanable can save you from high maintenance costs and frequent replacements. For customers who are looking for easy-to-maintain floor coverings, Cormar Carpets offers a range of highly popular easy-clean, stain resistant carpets that are available with several choices so customers can find the right fit for their interiors.

Numerous Styles and Designs

Another reason that makes Cormar carpets so desirous is the fact that they are available in numerous styles, colours and designs both traditional and contemporary. They offer twist pile carpets in plain and heather colours, loop pile carpets with interesting variations such as the rustic Berber tweed style loop and Saxony carpets which feature denser loop piles and make way for a more luxurious effect. Their Saxony carpets are available in both wool and synthetic fibres, so customers can purchase according to their budget, requirements and personal preferences.

Easy Availability of Latest Ranges

The Cormar brand has an efficient delivery system and deploys over sixty vehicles every day to transport carpets to regional hubs from where they get routed to local carpet warehouses of reliable carpet sellers. Whether they shop online or from a reputed online carpet supplier, customers in the UK can expect to select from fresh new arrivals and experience quick stock replacement if a particular product is currently out of stock.

Whether you’re planning to cover a bedroom, lounge or dining area with a high quality carpet, choose the Cormar brand – over a million users cannot be wrong!

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