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Is your BMW X series car due for scheduled servicing? Does your BMW 1 series car need some maintenance or repair work? You don’t have to take it to a main dealership and spend a fortune – an independent, specialist car service garage offering BMW servicing can do it for a far lesser price while offering top quality solutions.

Manufacturer Recommended Servicing

Passing of the Block Exemption Law by the European Parliament in 2003 opened the doors for independent garages to perform manufacturer recommended servicing without impacting warranty cover. Whether your car follows the condition based servicing system or the service interval based system, an independent garage will be able to access service data stored in the dashboard’s electronics, carry out the service, stamp your BMW servicing book and reset the service light indicator on your car’s dashboard.

Regular Maintenance Services

You need to take your luxury vehicle for regular maintenance and servicing to protect it’s resale value and enjoy it to the fullest. Regular upkeep will also help you avoid off-road time and sudden, expensive repairs. Of course, you can’t leave it to any car servicing shop. Look for a specialist shop having qualified BMW certified technicians. The agency should have the latest, dealer-equivalent equipment and offer genuine BMW parts or authorized OE parts to ensure top quality maintenance services.

Expert Attention to All Aspects

A reliable BMW servicing garage will have experienced technicians to care for all aspects of your BMW including engine, AC recharge, tyres, suspension, wheel alignment, brakes, gear box, wheel balancing, turbo units and diesel particulate filter. When the warning light on your car’s dashboard gets lit up, choose a car service garage that uses the latest car diagnostic equipment so that problem areas can be accurately and quickly identified.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Proper wheel alignment is important for safety, comfort and fuel efficiency while driving. Pick a BMW service agency that uses a world-renowned system such as the Hunter wheel alignment system for accurate and reliable results.  Have a MOT test coming up? Get your vehicle maintenance done at a service shop that’s also an approved MOT testing centre – you can schedule the test right after the maintenance service to make sure your car will pass the test.

Now that you know what to look for, get in touch with local car servicing shops and see how they match up!

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