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Basically, the headphones always play an ultimate role, specifically for the office workers. Other than to enjoy your music, they can also use the headphones to improve their productivity or any extra clarity in conference calls.  In the closed-door administrative environment, the sound gets magnified more simply. Usually, there is much noisy in the office environment, so most office workers feel disturbed. According to the research, there is a good pair of headphones available for working environment that will come in handy today. But, not all the headphones are perfectly suitable for the office workers. Still, there are no one-size fits headphones for all the office workers. Everyone will have the various circumstances, which need a various kind of headphones.

Typically, the office headphones are so versatile headsets, which can be widely used at work or in the office like environment. This means that the good headphones for office should always have least leakage to not concern the people around you. However, this form of headphone is very comfortable to use for a long period of time and also block the unwanted noise of the reasonably busy office. When you are working in the office environment, where you want to create and receive the voice as well as video calls in all over the work day, you are going to find the best over-ear headphones for your business needs. In order to select the right pair, you could find it is innovatory. When you are searching for purchasing the best business earphones and headphones, you just look out for a lot of features, which you might not essential search for in headphones for listening to music.

The over-ear headphones are specially designed for people who need to completely immerse themselves in their listening. These headphones can greatly support to block out some of the surrounding’s outside noise, certainly if they do not use the active noise cancelling. When compared to earbuds, the larger drivers allow the over-ear pairs to generate better sound than comparably priced earbuds, so your music will surely sound good. Now, there are hundreds of tested over-ear headphones available with amazing features such as traditional wired, wireless Bluetooth and noise cancelling sets in order to make the best recommendations for everyone’s needs. For the open office use, the closed headphones are really a win-win choice that blocks the external sound from your ears as well as highly decrease the amount of noise from your outside environment.

Today, most of the people are rely on the noise cancelling headphones, which could highly minimize the background noise from the environment such as air conditioning hum. When your office is nearby the airports or railway stations and frequently having the high level of background office, it is better to have the open office use noise cancellation headphone that works more effectively against the common source of interruption such as speech sounds. The noise cancellation is also known as active technology that requires a battery as well as many other electric components such as microphones that make the headsets bulker than the passive solutions. Below are the reviews of latest headphones for the office workers that include:

Bose Quiet Comfort 35

This headphone is well known for its active noise cancellation technology. Also, it is a pretty common prospect around the office compartments across the world. Actually, this headphone model brings the awesome features and also gave a very useful upgrade in the Bluetooth capability. However, it is one of the popular choices of office headphones that have a sleek look and often use in the business area.


  • Excellent for music
  • Highly comfortable
  • Good battery life
  • Awesome active noise cancelling
  • Perfect seal with negligible sound leakage


  • No dedicated boom mic
  • Headphone controls are not intuitive

Logitech Clear chat Stereo

Other than creating the gaming and computer accessories, this Logitech can make the audio accessories that are mainly targeted at the office workers. This is a most famous on-ear headphone that has a feature of dedicated noise-cancellation mic. It is also has an ability to filter out the background noise and also ensure to gives you crystal clear voice transmission. This lightweight headphone is much comfortable enough to last over the fast conference call.


  • Very affordable
  • Good noise cancellation mic
  • Visual light indicator that reflects power state of mic
  • Fuss free setup


  • Not suitable for more hours of hearing
  • Use a headphone for conference calls
  • Very few noise isolation and need a quiet room for conference call

Plantronics Supra plus Wideband

This headphone is made by the Plantronics. Its only unique feature is H series headphone. Actually, it is a wired and over-ear headphone that has only one ear cup. This would help the wearer to listen person to person conversation without removing headphones.


  • Very adaptable for all kinds of devices
  • Noise cancelling mic
  • Fast disconnect connector
  • One ear cup design frees up other ear


  • No noise isolation
  • Need to buy amplifier for extra controls