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Finance is defined as the management of money  and includes activities like investing , borrowing, lending, budgeting and saving. There are three main types of finance Personal, corporate, and public/government.

Corporate finance is the business activity concerned with the conservation if the capital funds in meeting financial needs and overall objectives of business enterprises. Therefore business finance basically refers to money and credit employed in different businesses. In business finance accounting is very significant and for that you need to have an online accounting software. Business finance includes utilization of money to enable businesses to carry on their functions and operations effectively. So when we are talking about business finance we includes:

1.All types of funds utilized in businesses.

2.Needed in all types of organizations, large, small manufacturing.

3.It includes the estimation of the amount needed for the purpose of investment from various sources.

Some informant facts to know about finance

1.The most important thing

The most common rule of personal finance is to spend less than you earn. This is the point which you can see in most of the finance books.

There are two routes of achieving this goal, spending less and earning more. By working on these areas, you can easily increase the gap between those two numbers and the gap is your way to freedom. The more hard you work on either spending less or earning more,the bigger that gap will become.

2.Live economically

For most of the people economical means very low. They think of doing things like using forty coupons in the checkout, wearing patched clothing, driving a rusted out old vehicle and other such things.

Here is the top secret, that i have experienced in my life and read about many more, those economical people that you look down your nose at often have a lot of cash in the bank . They are not working working to death on the weekends, they are just living their life according to their rules.

The best part is that we can also apply some of those rules in our own life, here are some points through which you can start for reducing that much spending.

1.Maximize every penny: Every time you spend money, you take a decision. You decide that whatever you are giving that penny for is worth it, and because of that you make exchange. The key for spending less is to raise the definition of what a penny is worth.

2.Habits of all kinds are very dangerous: Monster of the people have some type of routine. What these routine adds up is a lot of money.


3.Earn more

So how one can earn more? People says that there is no way for people to earn more money, and they are right, some personalities are entrepreneurs by birth and some functions much better in office environment. Some people are extreme creative and some are masters at completing long lists of tasks.

To earn more you can do the following things.

1.Get educated.

2.More income streams.

3.Start a side business.

4.Move towards your passion.

5.Keep in touch.

4.Manage money

Whenever you increase your income or decrease your spending, You will find yourself with more money at the month end. For the management of finance there is always a need of accounting software. That money is the way to financial freedom and the more you can get each month the better off you are.

1.Pay off all interest debt.

2.Build an emergency fund.

3.Max out retirement.

4.College savings.

5.Pay off all debts.


5.Control your own destiny

Most of the people wishes to become rich. That is why there are many books about the millionaire, available in the market. Again here is the top secret, not about being rich.

It all depends upon the freedom, freedom from the superiors in the work, freedom to spend the time to do the right things, freedom to try out new things according to one’s interest.

This is all most of the people want, but having a big bank account just means that i’m not beholden to others. I can live  my dreams. If my job is not satisfying me, I’m no longer tied to that job, i can just walk away from that work place. I can do whatever that makes me happy and can avoid what makes me sad, without any regrets.

Its requires a lot of hard work to climb a mountain, but the air up there is the sweetest thing.

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