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Acid reflux is basically a physical condition, when acid level inside our stomach increases abruptly. As a result of that, we experience poor digestion, pain on abdomen, acidic burping symptoms and many more. Acid reflux should be taken seriously, as it can cause some serious physical damages as well as discomforts. It can lead to heartburn which is quite an uncomfortable thing. Excessive amount of acidity inside stomach may also lead to extreme physical discomfort. Nevertheless, heartburn or acid reflux is on a regular basis is an alarming situation. It can potentially result into various physical complications. So, treatment is important whenever you are facing acid reflux problem.

Though heartburn is a common aftermath of acid reflux, a lot of symptoms are there to identify such physical condition. Identifying the acid reflux at the early stage will keep you protected from various complicated scenario or physical issues. So, here is a guide to the common acid reflux symptoms and their possible treatments.

Acid Reflux Cough

As stated, acid reflux is a common physical condition which is often faced by many people. Developing high amount of acidity occasionally is not an uncommon thing. But, if it gets a regular thing for you, then you must be suffering from GERD. What is GERD? It is a complicated physical disorder which has been caused due to frequent acid reflux due to inappropriate dieting and many other reasons. GERD stands for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. Those who are suffering from this disease should face some strong or visible symptoms. Among those symptoms, acid reflux cough is a common thing.

Coughing due to acid reflux is different from normal cold coughing. As per studies, almost 30% of the GERD victims have to suffer from coughing syndrome. The coughing will be a chronic thing, mostly triggered after having meals. Some of the features of chronic coughing due to GERD are described below.

  • Coughing will mostly occur after having meals and at night time.
  • Persistent coughing occurs, even though you are non-smoker.
  • Smoking can make the situation worse, as it generally triggers coughing syndrome.
  • Chronic coughing without asthma.

Excessive coughing can lead to vomiting as well. Whenever you vomit, you shall find the sour content from your stomach has come out. Nevertheless, you shall experience mild or prominent burning sensation on your esophageal tube which actually connects our mouth and stomach.

Now, the question is how to manage coughing due to GERD? Soughing is just a symptom of acid reflux. Hence, treating the root cause will omit the symptoms. For acid reflux treatment, over the counter digestive pills are available. However, these pills are suitable for those who do not face acid reflux problem on regular basis. If you are suffering from GERD, you need to consult an experienced physician first. As per the prescribed treatment, you need to treat GERD. Change in lifestyle is needed for GERD treatment. You need to stop consumption of fast foods or junk food items. Add perfect blend of nutritious elements on your regular diet.

Heartburn Symptom

One of the commonest symptoms of acid reflux is heartburn. This is an issue which has been faced by different people. If you are facing occasional acid reflux, heartburn will happen to you. If you are suffering from GERD, heartburn can happen to you as well. For GERD victims, heartburn is a chronic as well as common issue. In fact, intensity of heartburn will be far more severe to them than normal acid reflux victims. GERD sufferers would develop chronic heartburn issues. The intensity of heartburn will be high and it can result into chest pain as well.

In order to cure heartburn, some common medicines are suggested by physicians. These are generally over the counter medicines. For example, you can choose to consume antacids, like Rolaids, Mylanta, etc. You can also consume tablets like Zantac and Pepcid to reduce acid production inside stomach to manage heartburn. Some foaming agent tablets are also there. For example, you can choose to consume Gaviscon which is a foaming agent tablet. It neutralizes excessive acid level inside stomach by developing foam.

Apart from these regular medicines, there are some medications which help to manage acid reflux situations. These medications can be regarded as alternative medications. There are a few foods that may trigger heartburn for many people. You should avoid such foods. Generally, consuming spicy and oily foods is the main reason behind acid reflux. So, you need to reduce regular intake of these food items. Home based medicines like baking soda in water, apple cider vinegar, etc. can be tried as heartburn curing elements. Above all these things, you need to quit your habit of regular smoking and drinking. Changes in lifestyle can prove to be quite effective to reduce or manage heartburn. For example, sleeping adequately and sleeping early at night is essential.

Indigestion Problem

Indigestion is a common symptom of chronic acid reflux. Basically acid reflux suggests an indigestion related issue. But, regular occurrence of acid reflux or GERD can cause decrease in your ability of digestion of foods. As your natural digestion ability is reduced, you would come cross many physical problems. The first thing is that acidity would be caused even after having simple foods. If indigestion is persistent, GERD would occur soon. To treat indigestion issue, you need to make certain changes to lifestyle. Cigarette and alcohol should not be consumed. You must quit working late till night. Go to the bed and make a habit of getting out from the bed early. Going for a walk on the part at morning time is also a good thing.

For indigestion treatment, various medicines are available. You can consult doctor in this regard. However, infrequent indigestion can be treated with over the counter medicines. For example, you can choose to consume medicines like Zantac or Pepcid to reduce acidity. For healthy digestion and better functioning of digestive system, natural fiber enriched foods should be consumed. Green vegetables are also important for your healthy diet.