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Martial arts are not just about building the ability to self-defense; it is also building oneself in such a way including the methods of mental discipline and physical exercise for the development of oneself concerning mind and body. Martial art is not just fighting; it is a way of personality development too. At Portland Martial Arts Academy students are trained in such a way to build confidence, discipline and learn defense in ways that helps them throughout their lives.

Originated and developed in Asia, today Martial art is famous all over the world. Being specialized in Taekwondo principles, we help people be a better individual that society would need.  With laws of balance and harmony, we train our students in such a way that people live with the rhythms of nature. The taekwondo Portland is quite popular, not just for the unique fighting techniques, but also for shaping lives.

Why Us?

We, at the academy train people with no age restrictions. Kids, teens, and adults are trained with the best personal trainers who have years of practice in the field to develop you physically and mentally, preparing you for life. With our unique teaching formula, you would be amazed at the changes that happen to you as a person. We bring in trainers who are expert in the art and have it as a mode of lifestyle and are in every way the role models for the students. Being an expert in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, we focus on base on this concept along with the idea of Kukkiwon.

We understand our students like no one ever has and motivate them not just to train but be the best at what they do with regular weekly classes, breathing techniques. We even allow them to focus on it as a sport so that they develop a sense of sportsman spirit along with leadership qualities. We inspire them to be a better version of themselves. At the same time, offer them various opportunities that would help in the growth of their talent through martial art and become world-class athletes.

Benefits of learning

Be the owner of a kind personality that would attract people to you and allow you to be a role model citizen. With learning martial arts, you learn to control your emotions. Martial art is the best way of anger management. By learning them as a kid, you not only develop the lifestyle but also help in the molding of character from the early stages. It is the best type of activity that can not only help you as a person but also is a life skill. Being acquainted with the knowledge of self-defense is an added advantage as it would help in critical situations to defend yourself and improve your thinking capabilities. The self-defense classes Portland do exactly that by putting an environment filled with challenges.