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They say everything’s bigger in Texas and that certainly applies to barbecue. There are nearly 2,000 unique smokehouses in the state of Texas alone.

At Casa M Spice Co™, we have our own take on a Real Texas BBQ Rub. Our seasoning concoction called Chain Reaction™ is our tribute to the Southwest flavors that make up real Texas barbecue and can take you to Texas, no matter where you are.

Texas barbecue is a distinct flavor in the United States. It’s more than just about a rub or a sauce. It’s about the meat, in particular, beef. Beef packs a bold and simple flavor. Rubs rely on spices, salt, and pepper to bring out the natural flavor of the meat and let it shine. If you truly want an authentic Texas barbecue experience, the true test is in the brisket, but that doesn’t mean real Texas barbecue is limited to just brisket and beef. Pork, turkey, chicken and more are staples of real Texas barbecue.

Of course, barbecue is so much more than just the meat. Barbecue sauce can make a barbecue dish and really take it to another level. With so many barbecue joints and styles all over the country, everybody has their own twist on how to apply and make a good barbecue sauce. In Texas, barbecue sauce has a lot of unique qualities as compared to other states. For example, in Texas the sauce is thinner than in Kansas City, thicker than in Carolina, less sweet than in Memphis. It is typically a perfect blend of vinegar, chili powder and cumin that make up an authentic Texas-style barbecue sauce like our Casa M Spice Co™ Quenched™ and Detonation™.

Unlike in other regional BBQ styles, barbecue sauce is actually secondary in Texas. Because it isn’t nearly as sweet as other styles, it is most often used as a condiment and not slathered all over the meat.

When it comes to making a real Texas-style brisket, you need a real Texas BBQ rub. Casa M Spice Co™ Cattle Drive™ is just the thing you are looking for. You want a seasoning that combines spice and sweetness, a mix of salt and pepper, garlic, chilis and more.

The flavor of a good brisket is in the meat, but the right rub can lock in the flavors and bring out the natural flavors of the meat for that authentic Texas taste.

Brisket is a Texas tradition and many people think that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare the perfect Texas brisket. You don’t have to be a professional chef to get the crisp outer layer of brisket. The secret is in the rub.

With the Casa M Spice Co™ Cattle Drive™ blend, a touch of sugar in the mix helps seal the flavor and clings to the brisket to create the signature caramelized layer. The Cattle Drive™ blend is a low-sodium blend, which means you can use as much or as little as you desire and the brisket will not be over salted.

You don’t need to be an expert or professional to get the results you are looking for. Just choose USDA Prime brisket and apply the Cattle Drive™ seasoning and prepare for the best brisket you’ve ever had.

No Texas barbecue is complete without the perfect sides to your brisket. Potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and green beans go great with Texas barbecue.

When preparing your brisket, remember to keep it simple. The right rub, the right cut of meat, and the proper preparation can get you great results, so keep that in mind. Get yourself some of the Casa M Spice Co™ Cattle Drive™ seasoning, get a brisket, and start enjoying the taste of real Texas barbecue!

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