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Workouts leave you extremely fatigue & exhausted for the day-to-day activities. Post-workout you require a protein-rich diet & not supplements to repair those worn-out muscles and tissues. This is where beef jerky is proven to be effective. The protein-rich food immediately repairs and healthily builds your muscles, unlike the protein powder/supplements. Although, the supplements are marketed as the ultimate post-workout fuel no one knows what’s inside of them. Beef jerky is an incredible snack post-gym routine to enhance your muscle power.

Why not Protein Supplements?

Excessive protein doesn’t add up to the muscle power, but it leads to weight gain and constipation. Whey protein or any other protein powder offer little nutritional value like iron, Vitamin B, etc. These supplements include flavorings, chemicals, and artificial colors which isn’t a healthy diet at all.

A single serving of beef jerky has almost 11 grams of protein which is quite sufficient for muscle recovery post-workout. This meat includes Vitamin B, iron and heart-healthy fats which your supplement doesn’t have. There are an incredible 14 grams of protein in exactly 40-grams of beef which is an excellent ratio for the post-workout diet. Athletes require such healthy snack to build their muscle mass. Moreover, jerky can be preserved for an extended period leaving you more satisfied than ever.

Let’s discuss the jerky benefits

Apart from being a mouth-watering snack, beef jerky is a fantastic source of protein. The meat is full of nutrients and not just for meatheads anymore. As any health-conscious or fitness enthusiast; and he/she will tell you why jerky is so good. It is an incredible combination of taste & health that we’ve known to enjoy for so long. Below we have identified a few key benefits of eating beef jerky.

  • Essential body fuel – When workouts leave you exhausted, choose a healthy diet that reenergizes or refuels your body. Enter beef jerky, a traditional American snack that is also a protein-rich diet for the fitness freaks. It includes certain minerals and vitamins which are an essential body fuel post-workout.
  • Boosts overall immune – Did you know that beef jerky is rich in iron and zinc minerals? A good supply of these essentials can increase your whole immune system. For instance, zinc heals your body faster while iron prospers RBCs production inside the body.
  • No insulin production – Insulin is a hormone that signals the body to store fat. Unlike unhealthy meat preservatives, beef jerky doesn’t raise your insulin levels which make it an ideal option for post-workout muscle recovery. It is a healthier snack available in the market with ease.
  • On-the-go snack – Beef jerky has a longer shelf life so you can carry this portable snack and enjoy whenever you want. Loaded with goodness, the favorite American meal helps replenish your energy levels and is convenient to carry as well.

Quality beef jerky shop online

People who have purchased beef only from a grocery store must realize that they’re missing out on something amazing. Chefs who spend years in perfecting their beef jerky treats often deliver the best-quality meat to all. These specialty shops provide premium slices of beef with the perfect seasonings to make an excellent beef jerky treat.

Not everyone has a specialty beef shop nearby which makes it difficult to experience fresh & quality beef. So, the online beef jerky shop becomes an excellent alternative for them. Although people are still skeptical about purchasing meat online, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Loaded with goodness, the beef is now delivered fresh to the customers. But, there are certain things that you should check when ordering from an online jerky shop.

  • Beef selection available – Genuine jerky shops have all the regular and exotic flavors selection for the customers. So, you are not just getting slices of meat but flavors which you love. For instance, there is sweet garlic beef, original hickory beef, spicy red pepper beef, and plenty more good stuff.
  • Fresh meat delivery – A healthy snack such as beef jerky is best enjoyed when it’s fresh. The most popular beef jerky shops deliver tasty jerky prepared within two weeks from delivery. This is unlike any grocery store where beef jerky is often months older.
  • Free and fast delivery – When your jerky shop doesn’t deliver fast, it’s of no use. Most beef jerky shops provide faster delivery options along with free shipping in the US and other countries. So, before you order from an online jerky shop ensure that quality jerky is delivered right at your doorstep.
  • Customer reviews – The best way to check the credibility of a jerky shop is to read all the customer reviews. Not every jerky shop provides high-quality beef and jerky recipes, loaded with freshness and delivered on-time. So, the more you read these reviews, the more you will discover about the online shop.

Beef jerky is a healthy snack for the healthy people that taste best when it’s fresh. Order online today!