9 Undeniable Facts You Must Know About the SUTP

The 36 weeks project is almost getting its wings ready by March 2018. The smart city project of India is all ready to set its foot in all different development areas. One of them definitely needs to include the transport system of the city.

The Sustainable Urban Transport Project by GEF India under the Government of India’s Ministry of Urban Development has been undertaken to implement highly advanced infrastructural development and transportation between Naya Raipur and Raipur. This transport system will consist of efficient vehicles and eco-friendly wheelers to be able to sustain and preserve the environment on a long term basis.

The new Sustainable Urban Transport Project has various features about it. What are the 10 basic factors you must know about SUTP?

  1. Transport is what takes the majority of one’s time in a busy city or on a regular basis. With Information and Technology enabled services, these transports are designed solely for time management.
  2. These components will allow for proper emphasis on transit user convenience. This will also help the management for incidents control and help in executing planned transport system around the city.
  3. The ITeS components will also provide an array of reliability and efficiency in its operation as they will be inbuilt with few of the latest technologies within them.
  4. How easy is it for one to have a track on a different spot of location from a different zone? GPS, exactly! The urban transport project has made it possible by installing the bus services with GPS instalment for easy tracking of the whole bus system by the transport department of the city.
  5. There are also services such as Public Information system, Passenger Information system and system of ticketing. All of these come as a two way service, for being user friendly to the daily travellers and goers while the same for the management to monitor the whole running of the system.
  6. All of it has been an establishment to handle every operational requirement of the entire system, to enhance the functional accuracy of the whole system.
  7. The NRDA’s plans include the development of Transport Hub covering 161.9 hectares of land. Just not this, but this will also include the Light Railway Transport System stations.
  8. Naya Raipur has already become one of the five cities to be named as ‘Demonstrated Cities’ for the Ministries ambitious goals of attaining a Sustainable Urban Transport Project.
  9. The NRDA now calls upon eligible technical consultants with proper knowledge and sustaining degrees and performance skills to render the services in accordance to the required needs.

Among the many, these stand out to be few of the catchiest features of the NRDA’s SUTP. The Naya Raipur Development Authority also strives towards embracing a central console that will be responsible for maintaining and controlling this transport system from a central hub. However Naya Raipur is pretty much fast cropping up as an ultra hi-tech, new capital city of Chhattisgarh.

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