15 Examples Of The Highest Form Of Self-Control We Bet This Generation Will Fail At

1. Not eating that leftover pizza slice & making something healthy for breakfast.

Source: sporkful

2. Driving without yelling or abusing even once.

3. Not throwing all the papers in the air after that last board exam. 

Source: indianexpress

4. Not watching multiple videos on YouTube.

Source: CNN

5. Not opening your package the moment it’s delivered.

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6. Getting a discount code to shop online and not using it immediately.

Source: rd

7. Getting out of the blanket in one go on a cold, frosty morning.

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8. Not popping the bubble wrap.

Source: Deccanchronicle

9. Not tagging your friends on a meme.

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10. Not checking the ‘likes’ after posting a photo on Instagram. 

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11. Not asking your friends to send you pictures the morning after a party.

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12.  Not checking the ‘read’ sign on WhatsApp when you’ve sent your crush a message.

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